Monday, December 28, 2009

Night at the Museum

We're hosting a delegation of visiting academics from Massachusetts this week, so it's a perfect chance to pretend we go to the local museums all the time! So off we went to the Museo Regional to see the "Querétaro in Mexican History" exhibit. Virtually all of Querétaro's history is, in fact, Mexican, so there was a lot to see. One of our favorite objects was this pipe belonging to Emperor Maximilian, presumably carved from the body of some endangered animal. Sitting astride the pipe is a small likeness of the Emperor himself (you can tell by his trademark beard parted in the middle) - there's something we just love about the image of Maximilian walking around Chapultepec smoking a pipe with a miniature (non-pipe-smoking) copy of himself sitting two inches from his face. Also, while we wouldn't absolutely swear to it, that certainly looks like a pug on his lap.

Meanwhile, we managed to accomplish one of our few remaining goals in life by getting to finally see the table on which the Treaty of Guadalupe was signed back in 1848. That's yr. humble corresp. in the photo below, putting the "man" back in "Manifest Destiny."

Down in the front right there's a little sign saying "Do Not Touch," which makes sense, since the last time a gringo touched that thing half of Mexico became property of Uncle Sam.

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Dave said...

Hey, congrats on finding the ordinary one in appearance or history.

Hope you have a great New Year...after reaching this milestone, what else could be left? I'll stay tuned....