Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where the Grass Is Green and the Girls Are Pretty

From Querétaro's nativity scene, we learn that one of the things that made the Garden of Eden paradise was that there was free wireless internet everywhere.

After they were banished from the Garden, they were forced to endure 14.4 dial-up for the remainder of their days.

Thus sayeth the Lord.


Ellen Kimball said...

I added you to my Twitter list. (Sorry I'm not on Facebook!)

Here's what I said:

#Best2009blogs | I love the crisp writing from Americans in Querétaro, #Mexico. Funny&wry. Must read! Links here: #fb

Great links and information.

Thanks again for your help earlier this year when we were headed to the Grand Mayan Resort in Nuevo Vallarta. We had a great time there with no problems. You may recall I was fearful about travel there.



Ellen Kimball said...

Can you see it here? I have trouble mastering HTML to make the link. Why won't Google let us have an COMPOSE/EDIT screen for comments? Please copy and paste.

Thanks. Ellen_K

Burro Hall said...

Thanks Ellen. We're promoting you to Pacific Northwest Bureau Chief. Congrats!

Ellen Kimball said...


I will only accept your offer if I get my own burro and some silver.

What do burros eat, anyway? What? No benefits?

I'm going to Taxco and charge a necklace on your account. That will take care of it.

Thanks for the promotion. No heavy lifting and I get an hour for lunch, not just a half-hour like I got on my last job (February 2000).

Happy New Year 2010...
to one or both of you people from Swampscott or New England somewhere.

Maybe some day you will sweep away the curtain and reveal who you are! I don't frequent anonymous blogs, but I have to admit I am seduced by yours.

Ellen Kimball said...

Now, my detective skills have kicked in. I used to work for large insurance companies following up on medical malpractice and workers' compensation claims in the late 1970s. But don't get too paranoid.

A Google search reveals you've ALREADY signed on with Twitter. So, where's the content? You haven't posted anything, @BurroHall

Now, I'm saying: TWIT OR GET OFF THE POT! (Don't try rhyming that...) It's fast and furious but worth it. I've been on since 2/09.

Frank, I wish you a happy New Year and say, "VIVA MEXICO!" to your many and varied followers, of which I am one.


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