Friday, December 04, 2009

Who'll Stop the Reign?

Hard to believe it's been a year already, but the reign of Her Highness Alejandra II, Christmas Queen of Querétaro, [at left, in green shirt] comes to an end this evening. Like most local officials, she has presumably spent her final days in office lining her pockets and cutting sweetheart deals for her relatives and financial backers. Diario de Querétaro caught up with Her Majesty as she reviewed some of the highlights of her tumultuous year in office.

"I am very happy, really happy with the work that was done this year along this year. Mainly because I was able to do many of the things I wanted, and which I couldn’t have done so well without the help of my parents, friends and all the people involved over that time.”

"I will remember this year with affection, with great appreciation, everything I learned, for the very special people I knew and I achieved.”

Short on specifics, but long on inspiration! At the end, the 18-year-old, born Alejandra Zárate, had these words of advice for her successor, 22-year-old Mónica Andrade Ortiz [at right, without hat]:

"Enjoy the most of every moment. At first it is all a bit complicated, but gets better every day. Just do not hesitate to attend each of the events they invite you to.”

Seize the invitation, people. That's the true meaning of Christmas.

[Note to the people of Querétaro, where the average December 25 temperature is about 75 degrees: That thing to the right of your new Christmas Queen is called a "snow-man," which is like an abstract sculpture of a human figure made from frozen water that falls from the sky. We don't know why they don't have legs.]

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