Monday, January 18, 2010

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The bad news is that there were not 80 Mexicans in Haiti at the time of the quake, but rather 131. The good news is that 65 [Update: 66] have been brought home and 36 more are still there but accounted for. The bad news is that you can probably do the math on that one.

    Update: Probably no two countries have more unusual attitudes towards death (to a foreigner's sensibilities) than Mexico and Haiti, so we probably shouldn't be surprised that the story of the only confirmed Mexican death so far would turn out to be pretty strange.

    To review, Karen Valero Jacques, from Lomas de Querétaro, was allegedly found dead in a hospital in Canape Vert on Friday. Except that her Haitian boyfriend says that no, she was at home with me when she died, and as for repatriating her body, well, um, I already buried it in a makeshift grave so she wouldn't be thrown in a mass grave. Sigh. "To the bitter end," as a Haitian friend of ours used to say.

    But here's the weird part - which may just be due to a combination of bad journalism and our worse translation, but...

    The Haitian explained that Karen was not in the hospital when the earthquake struck, but was at home with him.

    In an interview with Radio Fórmula, he said the Karen had a bad headache, and then she was dead.

    "She died at my side. I went to the Mexican Embassy to tell them, found that there was nobody there Wednesday morning, and I went and buried her."

    Raise your hand if there's anything in that passage that indicates to you that she was actually killed by the earthquake.

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