Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Best Nightmare on Earth

The body of the lone confirmed Mexican death in Haiti, Querétaro's Karen Valero Jacques, will be back in Mexico tonight, after her parents went to Haiti to retrieve her. Strangely, the newspaper, repeats the parents version of the story - that she was in a hospital that collapsed on top of her - without even mentioning Valero's Haitian boyfriend's much more interesting and self-incriminating account of her death.

Meanwhile, the numbers continue to fluctuate, but the current total is 138 Mexicans in Haiti at the time of the quake. Forty-seven have left the country. Forty-four are still there, but accounted for, and 47 are somewhere in this world or the next, no one's sure exactly where.

Querétaro's small contingent of rescue workers arrived yesterday and have been sent to Fond Parisien, a few miles inland from Port-au-Prince, where they've been attached to an NGO that the local paper, apparently thinking of Caribbean sex tourism, renders as "Love Children." We're sure they're doing good work whatever it is.

And the local head of the Mexican construction industry's trade group, Daniel Cordero Espíritu Santo (whose name translates awesomely to "Daniel Lamb of the Holy Spirit") says that his people are fired up and ready to go. It sounds a little more aspirational than operational at the moment, but he'll be presenting some proposals for ways to support the country during the long, complicated reconstruction ahead. It's the kind of work that will be done without tv cameras watching or the world applauding their heroism, but if he means what he says, he'll be living up to his name.

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mexicomystic said...

They said on the news today, "the U.S. has secured a Beachead in Haiti". Yahooo! From the Halls of Montezuma.. Go get 'em Gyrenes.