Monday, January 04, 2010

Big Baby Jesus

The nativity scene outside the basilica in Guanajuato sure has a thrown-together feel to it, doesn't it? Like it was made from castoffs from other cities' nativity scenes.

On the other hand, maybe that's how it really happened. Mary and Joseph rode into Bethlehem on a burro the size of a large house cat, whereupon Mary gave birth to a four-foot tall, 85-pound baby boy. It certainly wouldn't be the weirdest story in the Bible. And it makes sense that God's kid would be kinda big boned.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Just wondering if that's an angel in the background having a siesta..

Burro Hall said...

Smoke break. In Mexico, guardian angel is still a union job.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I see it now. Perfect pose and all. With apparently limited security on the scene, hopefully nothing happens until the break is over...but who's going to abduct an oversized Jesus anyway. Bad karma regardless.