Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boots on the Ground

A buen viaje y buena suerte to Luis Miguel Rodríguez Pujólas, Ernesto Fernando Arroy Zurita and José Manuel Martínez Cano, members of Querétaro's Civil Protection Unit who are scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Also, the Querétaro Cruz Roja says they've sent 160 tons of stuff to Haiti already, but it's not clear to us if that number refers to the Mexican Cruz Roja as a whole, or just little Querétaro. We're betting the former but still, congratulations and godspeed.

Let's harness this energy and see if we can't channel it into opening a couple of decent bars in the Centro, okay people? Sí, se puede!

    Update: Meanwhile, the search for survivors has been officially suspended, to which the Mexican teams there responded, "No, we're not finished yet." Viva!


Anonymous said...

I would hope that many of the searchers refuse to give up. There have already been many miracles and there could be many more.


Jorge Arturo said...

the 160 tons of help were only from the city of Queretaro, the mexican red cross sent over 1771 tons (it is a big country after all)