Friday, January 08, 2010

The Call Him the Streak

In case you missed the Texas-Alabama BCS Championship game last night, the low point (besides 'bama running up the score at the end) was a goofball dressed as a luchador running on to the field for some incoherent reason or another. He's being referred to in the press as the "BCS Streaker." Now, we don't mean to date ourselves here, kids, but back in our day, streakers used to be more or less naked. But hey, it was the 70s.

Turns out, the streaker himself also uses the name "BCS Streaker," as in this YouTube video he posted over a month ago laying out his whole master plan. And once again, Barack Hussein Obama failed to connect the dots.

We can't quite tell if he's speaking English or Mexican, but we know this is officially the lamest use of the lucha libre mask since the Jonas Brothers video.

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