Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gawking in a Winter Wonderland

Six inches now fell in the state of Querétaro this weekend - the first snowfall in 18 years - a statistic that surprises us because it does get pretty damn cold up in those mountains.

But even more unusual, the snow got within a few miles of the city for the first time in a quarter century. It's not technically snow, apparently, but something called agua-nieve - "water-snow" - which we take to mean sleet and/or slush. Whatever it means, it probably really sucks given that most of the houses there don't have heat.


Anonymous said...

We're getting another 6 inches tomorrow. Christine is getting a foot! But we all have heat and shovels!


Michelle said...

When I lived in Guanajuato, it snowed for the first time in recorded history. Of course we had no heat. I had my feet in the oven!