Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Great White South

People shivering though the winter in El Norte sometimes forget that it's winter in Mexico, too, which generally means a series of cold fronts cataloged, Soviet-style, by number. (We're currently in the middle of frente frio #22.) And while it's easy to laugh at the queretanos bundled up like Admiral Byrd whenever the temperature drops into the 50s, it's worth remembering that the majority of the houses here - Burro Hall World Headquarters included - don't have any heat. Fifty degrees is what we New Englanders consider balmy in the springtime, but it's pretty frigging cold for a living room. (Still, we're having a hard time understanding why 40% of the city's schoolkids get to stay home when it's chilly.)

And today, the area around Mexico City got snow! We've been trying to find out exactly how much they got, but apparently snow is so rare there that it doesn't even occur to anyone to measure how deep it is. It's just snow! As opposed to no snow. Look, everyone...snow! El Universal even published a guide called "What to do in a snowstorm," full of the kind of tips we could have used back when we were in school: Keep a suitcase packed in case you need to evacuate; turn off the lights, water and gas if you're leaving home; wear layers; leave home only in an emergency; remain calm.

Again, we've got no reliable data, but it looks like they've gotten three inches or so. Remain calm...


Anonymous said...

Oh, the horror! SNOW!!


Elma said...

why such an scandal?, I live in Mex City we always get snow in the surrounding range... every single winter!