Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy Days!

We've been wandering the streets of Querétaro this week trying to take in all the changes in the months we've been on the lam. One of our favorites is the arrival of a place called "Bar Retro Los 80's" on Cinco de Mayo in what used to be, we recall, a shop of some sort, or maybe even another bar. Anyway, as the name "Bar Retro los 80's" might imply, it has a "retro" theme. That's Elvis Presley [died 1977] in the center there. Marilyn Monroe [d. 1962] is in the back and on the wall, right above James Dean [d. 1955]. All the greatest icons of the 80's, on display!

Is it possible that Mexico just didn't get American movies and music until the 1980's?


Anonymous said...

I noted that too. I think the owner must be too young so he believes this people were alive in the 80's

leo. said...

I say dumb you say young.