Thursday, January 14, 2010

Local Angle

From the Guadalajara Reporter:

So far, no Mexican casualties have been reported to the embassy in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, where around 80 Mexicans are thought to reside. The embassy is taking on the task of locating each national. The quake damaged the embassy building but no one is believed to be injured.

The Haitian Embassy in Mexico City is staying open 24/7 to accept donations and is setting up a bank account for contributions which, this being Mexico, should be up and running by the time the rebuilding effort is wrapping up, in the year 2200.

The Embassy is at Presa Don Martín 53, Polanco; tel:(01)(52) 5557-2065 and 5580-2487.


Mexfiles said...

Well, for REBUILDING yeah. But three Mexican transport planes left as soon as the airport had a functioning control tower and the Tlatelolco mole men have already started their search and rescue operations in Port-au-Prince.

By the way, the Mexican Army showed up in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina long before FEMA, which thankfully is not coordinating anything in Haiti (the poor country's been through enough).

Burro Hall said...

Hey, if not for Haiti, New Orleans wouldn't have been under FEMA's jurisdiction in the first place. Ironic, isn't it?