Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Más Allá de las Montañas, Más Montañas...

We don't ask you to open your wallets very often (except for that one time we did, and you responded with hard-hearted indifference so, y'know, thanks a fuckin' lot, everyone), but our other favorite Latin American country was pretty much wiped off the map yesterday, and the part that's left is a little short of cash. Haiti's got a lot of problems on a good day, and it's going to be a long, long time before it has another good day.

We certainly don't need to explain to a Mexican audience why a really huge earthquake in your capital city is a bad thing - particularly if your government is unequal to the task of rescue and relief - so what better way to show your support than, well, showing your support?

Conversely, Querétaro in particular owes a lot of its current prosperity to the waves of people and businesses that relocated here from the capital after the quake, so if you're living here and living well, the least you can do is give a little back to the seismically challenged. We can predict with some confidence that there's no little city near Port au Prince that's going to benefit from this quake 20 years from now.

Here's a list of charitable organizations active in Haiti. Our personal favorite is Partners in Health, but don't let us influence you. And make sure to get a receipt, which can be redeemed at Burro Hall Enterprises World Headquarters for two free beers until Dec 31, 2010.*

*[Some restrictions may apply.]

    Update: In a textbook example of why some people think Mexico sucks, Rotativo is reporting that the Cruz Roja de Querétaro is accepting donations for Haiti (cuenta bancaria 0404040406, sucursal 683 de Bancomer, con clave 012180008080808062) and has opened a donation center accepting everything but water and clothing from 8AM to 8PM - a level of specificity that leads us to believe they're not making it up.

    But because Rotativo is written by professional journalists, the article doesn't actually say where the donation center is. So we surf over to the Cruz Roja site, only to be told they are not accepting donations for Haiti just yet.

    In case anyone from the Cruz Roja is reading this, hi, good morning, we're sorry to wake you up and everything, but this is not a fucking a drill. Burro Hall is run by a bunch of unpaid interns from the hills of the Sierra Gorda - two of them on prison work release - and yet we're capable of making a simple and accurate public declaration about the status of our donation center (closed until after Cinco de Mayo, for the record). Do we really have to explain to you how this shit is supposed to work?

    We'll send one of the muchachos over to sort this out later, but FYI the Cruz Roja can be contacted at:

    Tel: 229 05 45 Fax: 229 07 29
    Avenida Balaustradas esq.
    Circuito Estadio s/n
    Col. Balaustradas C.P. 76079
    Santiago de Querétaro.

    Update II: Burro Hall gets shit done. The Cruz Roja has just clarified that they are, in fact, taking donations. And because they are a professional relief organization interested in accepting donations, their announcement still does not include the address of the donation center, since concerned citizens would obviously just know it off the tops of their heads. It is in fact the address we listed above.

    Beyond the mountains, more mountains...


Anonymous said...

In the present internet era it’s much easier and more trustworthy to make a donation at the website of one’s chosen international organization and skip the Mexico connection altogether. That’s my advice.

Burro Hall said...

Couldn't agree more. Just putting out the options in case anyone wants them.

Dave said...


Just a note to thank you for your tireless reporting of the Haitian crisis.
I did chip in an extra donation to my favorite charity, and in the odd chance we get to Queretaro this year, I'm bringin' my receipt. I hope the "restrictions" mentioned concern (non) availability of Corona...

Burro Hall said...

The restriction is that we choose the beer. I can't ask you to dig deep in exchange for a Corona. That's just not fair.

Anonymous said...

We're bringing our receipt, too!