Saturday, January 23, 2010

Never Leave a Man Behind

The UN has officially called off the search for survivors in Haiti - which, the occasional miracle notwithstanding, we agree makes sense after 11 days. So the Mexican government sent word to the Mole Men, hey, nice job fellas, but it's time to come home. We've got boats and planes waiting for you, and a great big pozole simmering on the stove.

To which the Mole Men have responded, What part of "we're not done yet" do you not understand?

The Mexican rescuers are continuing the search for survivors in Port-au-Prince 11 days after the earthquake, using their own resources and proceeding at their own risk.

We worry that the relentless clanging of their enormous brass balls might cause a landslide, but we applaud this nonetheless. They've pulled out 15 people so far, and are becoming something of a legend among the ranks of the rescuers - people from Argentina, France and Brazil have joined the team. When their hands get tired from digging, they'll probably just use their teeth.

Queretaro's earthquake victim, Karen Valero Jacques, was laid to rest today after first being baptized - which we didn't realize could be done posthumously (she was Jehovah's Witness). After the funeral her family "gathered in the atrium of the church to decide whether she should be buried or cremated." We mean no disrespect when we say that this strikes us as the kind of detail you might work out before a funeral.

Karen is no longer the sole Mexican confirmed dead. The foreign ministry has identified the body of María Antonieta Castillo Santamaría, a United Nations employee based in Port-au-Prince.

So, remember how we pointed out that there were a lot of unanswered questions about Karen Valero's death - specifically, that it wasn't at all clear that she was actually killed by the earthquake? Well, Maria Castillo

was presumed to be in Haiti when the quake hit, but her body was discovered in the Dominican Republic.

The government did not explain why the UN employee who worked in Haiti would have been found in the other country, nor did they explain her cause of death, instead simply indicating that her remains would be sent home to Mexico.

We don't mean to sound conspiratorial or anything, but of the two confirmed Mexican deaths, we're not seeing a lot to make us think they died in the earthquake.

    Update: The UN is saying that she died when the UN mission collapsed, and that her body, like that of other non-Haitian UN employees, was taken to the DR, where it was later identified. So there you have it.


Anonymous said...

God bless the Mole Men! Survivors are still being pulled out! Why would they try to stop rescue now. Maybe if a few days, with no more survivors, passes, then pull them out.
Their praises should ring out loud and clear!


Anonymous said...

I feel the comment that was made on Karen Valero was not call for at this time. This Young lady loss her life she was a wonderful friend, mother, sister and daugther. For you to talk about how she is being laying to rest show know kindness to her family.

Burro Hall said...

You must have missed the part where we said "we mean no disrespect." This is the first time we'd ever heard of someone holding a funeral without a clear idea of what would follow.

Anonymous said...

You must miss the part when i said if you had any respect for Karen family you would never said it from the start. This was not a normal death. When you are writing stories about anyone make sure you have the fact. From time we found out that Karen had pass you had nothing good to say. Remember oneday you might be in the same place as this family.

Burro Hall said...

I'm really not sure what you're talking about. I've had nothing good to say about the press coverage of her death, which has been sloppy, confused, contradictory and full of unanswered (and, more to the point of my criticism, unasked) questions. I have nothing but sympathy for her and her family.

mexicomystic said...

Baptized after death... hmmmm. I thought only the mormons could do that...but nowdays religions seem to make up the rules as they go..If God doesn't like it he can go look for other followers.