Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Soup Nazi

More tough-on-crime news:

On Tuesday, Mexican authorities announced the capture of ...Teodoro Eduardo Garcia Simental, described as a ruthless drug lord based just south of the American border in Tijuana. Mr. García’s trademark, when not trafficking marijuana and methamphetamine to the United States, was boiling rivals in barrels of lye in what has become known as pozole, for the Mexican stew, the authorities said.

We're guessing Teo wishes he'd paid his employees a little better, as an incentive not to talk.

Also, we're going ahead and giving the 2010 Golden Burro award for Most Foolishly Misplaced Optimism (Lifetime Achievement) to Fernando Ocegueda of Citizens United Against Impunity:

Mr. García’s arrest also gave hope to relatives of some of the hundreds of people who disappeared in Tijuana in recent years. “We hope he’ll be interrogated well and will tell us where our relatives are,” said Fernando Ocegueda, whose son was kidnapped from his home in 2007 and who runs Citizens United Against Impunity, an organization of those whose loved ones have disappeared.

We're sure they're all perfectly safe.

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