Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This Will Probably End Badly

On the top: MISSING: Little Chihuahua puppy, answers to the name "Toby."

On the bottom: MISSING: American Pit Bull. Answers to the name "Crazy."

Not that we encourage wagering, but our money's on Crazy.


Richard said...

You never met Toby, the Chihuahua pup and free-lance security guard in my neighborhood park. He backed up (barked up?) a very well armed (and very large) cop one night. Of course, Toby had backup from Guerita the poodle.

Anonymous said...

As a fan of all things Dog, this made my day. Nice catch.

As a translator, in the interests of translation equivalence I suggest that "Loko" would equate in English to "Krazy".

--Margaret S.

Anonymous said...

I hear they taste a bit like chicken.