Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Do Hard Working Mexicans Get Kicked Out of Every Country They Go To?

The Mole Men of Tlaltelolco pulled a 69-year-old woman out of the rubble of Port-au-Prince Cathedral yesterday, where she'd lain without food or water for eight days.

Video here. We haven't seen a gang of sweaty Mexicanos celebrating in the street like that since they kicked the USA's ass at soccer this summer.

So of course in the wake of this - oh, let's call it a miracle - the UN then orders the Mole Men to suspend all operations. Usually we'd be outraged, but we're guessing the Moles aren't going anywhere and nobody has the balls to make them.

Speaking of balls, big saludos to María de la Luz Pérez Estrada, who survived the Haiti quake and the 1985 Mexico City one. We can't decide whether to adopt her as our patron saint, or ban her from coming within 100 miles of Burro Hall Headquarters.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the fact that the cruise ships are still stopping in Haiti?
Of course,none of the passengers are being exposed to the horror 60 miles away.
Life goes on, I guess.


Anonymous said...

wow! adopt her as patron saint for sure, but only in foto format -- and don't let her come near Burro Hall in person! unless you are ready to rumble!

Krellinator said...

Fuckin' UN!

Anonymous said...

CNN is reporting on their website that the crew who rescued this lady was German.....go figure....they really look like Germans

Burro Hall said...

They were both there. We're kinda Mexico-centric on this site (much like Mexico is).