Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catblogging: The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

Yeah, we know. We've been busy. So quit bitching and enjoy the gatos. Normal posting will resume shortly.


Dave said...

I was wondering about the mascotas. The spare cat looks a bit wired...has it been in the bougainvillea blossoms again?

Anonymous said...

You just like "pussy." Admit it.

Anonymous said...

Talking about cats, Americans are thrilled because these Mexicans are about to cross the border!! these Mexicans are welcome!!! They want this Mexicans to cross the American border, and have many many babies, many babies!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Another Mexican is lost in the United States, so they are looking for her. Poor Loba.


Anonymous said...

The link is really a mess. So just connect together all the segments into one single string:


(in case it doesn't work)

Mexican gray wolf on loose in Forest Lake

One of only 150 such animals globally, it is ill-equipped to fend for itself after being sprung in break-in.

A Forest Lake science center hopes that the beckoning howls of 41 wolves and a waiting meal of venison will entice a missing Mexican gray wolf back to the cage it escaped after a break-in over the weekend

Anonymous said...

HAPPY END for the Mexican she Wolf

Endangered Mexican wolf recaptured in New Brighton

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The Associated Press | Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010 12:38 am | No Comments Posted

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NEW BRIGHTON, Minn. - An endangered Mexican gray wolf that's been on the run for several days has been returned to a wildlife center in Forest Lake.

A police officer in New Brighton - about 17 miles from Forest Lake - spotted the wolf before dawn Thursday.

New Brighton Police Chief Bob Jacobson said officers tracked the wolf as it wandered through residential neighborhoods and over frozen Long Lake. More than four hours later, officers and staff from the center pinned the wolf against a fence along the interstate.

Employees of the Wildlife Science Center tranquilized and netted the wolf and took her back to Forest Lake. Center director Peggy Callahan said the wolf is a little underweight and dehydrated but recovering.

Callahan says the wolf and her two sisters were freed by someone who apparently broke into the center over the weekend and pried open their pen. The two other wolves were recaptured shortly after their release

Anonymous said...

I read your story about the Mexican female wolf and I watched it today on TV, the video is here: