Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh My God, They Killed Kenny!

This post contains an image of the Mexican flag. Apparently, this is not supposed to be done without permission.

A last-minute decision by MTV in Mexico not to broadcast an episode of the US cartoon show South Park has caused controversy.

The episode portrays Mexico's president as a leader who wastes funds and irritates the international community.

MTV Mexico said they did not get a special permit needed to broadcast an image of Mexico's flag, seen briefly in the same scene as the president.

…A spokesman for MTV Mexico reassured the BBC that the reason the episode was not shown was that the permit required to show the flag did not arrive in time for the scheduled broadcast.

To say the Mexican government is batshit sensitive about its flag would be something of an understatement, but thas the clip below shows, this incident doesn't even come close to insulting the flag - or Mexico.

If you're too busy to spend 2:24 watching it (and yet you have enough time to be hanging out here?) the joke is that Mexico blew its share of the stolen space-cash on 23 hospitals and 6 water parks. Twenty-three hospitals wouldn't be a bad idea, really, but the country already has so many water parks that not even a super-intelligent race of space aliens would notice six more.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Damn it, it's hot here, they should have built MORE water parks. Who needs hospitals, we have Brujas damn it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Burro, the Mexican Government's exaggerated false pride for the flag is a shame. It's not all Mexicans, it's the government, la Secretaria de Gobernacion, and it was inherited from the PRI, whose logo contains the Mexican flag colors. Maybe that's where all this stems from. It's really ridiculous the lengths this matter can reach. It's like the Ajatolah in's little less than fundamentalism. Luis Miguel and Paulina Rubio (Mex pop singers) were fined for using the flag of their own country on their CDs. It's a shame. And, about those huge flags all over Mexico, the size of the flag is in proportion to the inferiority complex of the Mexican government (not it's people).

Anonymous said...

Another Mexican singer, Jorge Muñiz, is very famous because he was fined by the Mexican Government, because IN LAS VEGAS, not even within Mexico, he was singing the Mexican National Anthem before a Julio cesar Chavez fight, and he forgot part of the lyrics. He didn't need to pay, he wasn't even in Mexico when this happened, but he was nevertheless fined for a big amount. Again, exaggerated fundamentalism of the Secretaria de Gobernacion.

Burro Hall said...

Very fair point about it being the government, not the people. Sometimes it's too easy for Americans to confuse the two (since both our government AND our people are insane).