Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We took some of the powerful antibiotics you can buy over the counter here without a prescription, but still woke up this morning with a raging Olympic Fever. So we thought we'd skate on over the Mexican Olympic Committee's horribly, horribly designed website (warning: music plays automatically) for a little early morning Hubertus-on-slopes action.

And there he is, on the front page, under the headline "Hubertus von Hohenlohe in 86th place in Vancouver." We all know that he took 78th, but this is not, in fact, a misprint. HuHo [Note: we just coined that right now - must credit Burro Hall!], as the article correctly notes, was in 86th after his first run. He moved up eight places on the second run (more accurately, eight people DNF'ed the second run), but all the website of the Mexican Olympic Committee says is that the second run "will be at 2:30"...yesterday.

Let's put a clock on this now, because HuHo's finish has been posted on Burro Hall for more than 15 hours, but not on the Olympic Committee's site, despite the fact that von Hohenlohe is the only member of the Mexican Olympic team. Whoever is running the MOC's site literally has nothing else to do except keep an eye HuHo's progress! One guy. Two runs. Three minutes of sporting activity to keep track of. No wonder this country needs to recruit gringos to play on its team.

    10:05AM Update: Just 17 hours after the completion of the men's giant slalom, the MOC has updated its site, in language strikingly similar to ours.

    Hopefully Last Update:El Universal reports, at the bottom of the last page of its sports section, that HuHo finished 86th, 17 seconds behind the winner. Which means they either got their info from the MOC, or the sportswriter for the country's top newspaper didn't know there are two runs in ski events, or that he didn't even bother to watch it in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

I read that also. What happened is that Hubertus' turn to run was the last one of all. He had to wait for everybody else to run first, and then it was his turn. Maybe the oldest runs at the very end of all.