Saturday, February 27, 2010

Return of the Prince

HuHo roars to a 46th-place finish in the slalom, and so ends Mexico's Winter Olympic odyssey. And before you go looking it up and see that there were only 48 finishers, keep in mind that there were 102 starters, so technically he finished in the top half. Visibility was terrible on the mountain today, but spending his childhood in the smog of Mexico City gave HuHo a natural advantage his competitors lacked. So, ¡muchos saludos, Principe! Hasta 2014!

It took us a while to get around to posting, but we're still well ahead of the Mexican Olympic Committee.

    Sunday Morning 7:30AM Update: Fourteen hours have passed, and news of the performance of the country's lone Olympian still has not reached the MOC. We suppose it is the weekend.

    Sunday Evening 7:30PM Update: Still no.

    Monday Morning 7:30AM Update: Believe this?

    Monday Afternoon, 4:00PM Update: Finally!


Anonymous said...

no no no. In the 50's and 60's Mexico City had no smog. It was a very small city, maybe half or less than it is today. (HvH spend from 1959 to mid 60's)

Anonymous said...

Burro Hall said...

It also lacked earnestness and pedantry, which apparently only came much later.

Jorge Arturo said...

On another topic... There is a new Indian food restaurant, I know you like indian food, this one in Jardines de la Hacienda in the small plaza where in the cross of Jacal and Zaragoza, where there is an Inbursa, ScotiaBank and Telcel Customer Centre

Mexfiles said...

And, anyway, I believe Prinz Hubertus was from Puebla, where his family rebuilt its fortune by starting Volkswagen de Mexico. It was sort of their revenge on being run out by that other Austrian -- you know, the guy with the Charlie Chaplin mustache.