Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shoot to Thrill!

The fact that we brought you news of Team Mexico's Olympic triumph 17 hours before word even reached the Mexican Olympic Committee is of course a great testament to our 2010 interns, but it's even more impressive considering Burro Hall World Headquarters is not equipped with a so-called "tele-vision" device. (We relied instead on Vancouver2010's fantastic site, which updates the standings - including quarter-splits - in real time).

If there's a downside to this approach, it's that we were completely unaware of this until we read it in the LA Times:

Von Hohenlohe crossed the line in 78th place out of 81 finishers, wearing an Aztec-theme bodysuit with painted-on bandoleers and guns.

"The main part was looking good," he said. "Having style. Don't look at the time, but have style and look good in the suit. I think I won for artistic impression. It's a pity we get no marks for that, like in figure skating."

Putting that in boldface doesn't even begin to convey the sheer awesomeness of it. Here's 1000 words-worth:

More here. We admit we're not really seeing the "Aztec" part, but maybe the MOC will put out a press release a few months from now.


Joy said...

Hubertus' gut is hanging out in a few of those photos.

Anonymous said...

Hubertus von Hohenloe was named Olympian of the Day by NBC Sports. That's big!, considering NBC is the main broadcaster of these winter games. He was Olympian of the day for February 23rd.