Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Statue of Limitations

Proving that Americans have no unique claim on anti-Obama stupidity, Indonesia has announced that it's removing a statue of the 10-year-old future president because "Mr. Obama ha[s] yet to make any particular contributions to the country." Presumably they're referring to the country of Indonesia - whose president (prime minister? king?), Whats-his-name, has made so many contributions to the US that, frankly, we can barely wrap our heads around them.

What struck us, though, was the eerie similarity between the bronze Obama icon [left] and a certain little Mexican boy:

"Typhoid" Édgar Hernández, better known as Patient Zero in the global swine flu epidemic. Unlike Obama, young Édgar has indeed made particular contributions to the country of Indonesia:

Swine Flu the Biggest Challenge For Indonesia Health Ministry in 2009

The H1N1 swine flu virus easily caused the most worries for the Health Ministry in 2009, following its spread across 25 of the country’s 33 provinces and the initial unfamiliarity with the disease’s symptoms, an official said on Tuesday.

“H1N1 influenza, or swine flu, was definitely the outbreak that caused the biggest scare in the country this year. People were unfamiliar with the virus and its ability to spread quickly from human to human, so we had a serious panic situation on our hands,” Rita Kusriatuti, the ministry’s director for management of animal-related communicable diseases, told the Jakarta Globe.

More than 1,000 people in the country were infected by the virus — which first emerged in Mexico and the United States in April — which reportedly claimed 10 lives.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Queretaro and my husband is american, we are planing on move to Queretaro soon but he hesitates because of what he hears on TV news about Mexico I keep telling him not all Mexico is like Juarez but he does not know what to do...he used to live in LA and said is pretty dangerous can you give me an idea of how is life in Queretaro for you as an american??

Burro Hall said...

I'm from New York, which is actually a tiny island off the coast of America, but for me life in Queretaro involves a lot of laughing about just how absurdly safe Queretaro is. It's a little like Disney World, only the morbidly fat people all speak Spanish.

That your husband would trust the opinion of a random gringo he never met rather than his own wife's recollections of her hometown is a great tribute to the trustworthiness of the Burro Hall brand, so thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your answer I guess we'll see you in Queretaro very soon then I'm moving with my daughters first and then he'll join us...Hope one day you guys have the chance to talk and at least he'll feel he's not the only american in Queretaro!!

Burro Hall said...

Trust me, Queretaro may have some problems, but "not enough Americans" isn't one of them.

Mexfiles said...

Of course, you mean "American" in the sense it was used by José Maria Morelos y Pavon, right?

“We should do away with the picturesque jargon of black, mulatto, mestizo… and etc., and instead view ourselves geographically, calling ourselves Americans for where we are from, as do the English, and the French and that other European country that is oppressing us, and the Asian in Asia and the African in his part of the world.”