Monday, March 15, 2010

All Quiet on the Central Front

Kind of eerily quiet in el Centro today. We assumed everyone was staying home out of a superstitious fear of the Ides of March, but in fact it's Benito Juarez's birthday. What's that you say? Benito Juarez's birthday is March 21st? Well, let's hear it for you, Attentive Reader! Yes it is, but because of some crazily inflexible Mexican law requiring holidays to be observed on the previous Monday (even if that Monday comes six days before the actual holiday), we're stuck trying to be patriotic on a day when most bars, restaurants and museums are closed anyway.

Here's a little waving of the red-white-and-green for ya.

(Uh, no offense, Mexico, but...)


Anonymous said...

kinda like how they compress lincoln's & washington's birthdays into one day sorta-near-washington's-birthday-maybe that will help make a 3-day weekend. we used to have 2 separate days off on the actual dates.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy. The MX government will jail him for life if they see this video.