Sunday, March 07, 2010

Can't Catch Me 'cuz the Rabbit Done Died

The city of Querétaro has started to realize that this national quest to become even fatter than the gringos is probably a bad idea. (A recent Health Ministry study warned that the current generation of children may wind up with a life expectancy several years shorter than their parents.) So the new plan is to close a lot of the streets in the Centro on Sundays, so that people will have to get off their fat asses and walk. we're not sure what this is supposed to accomplish - everybody already walks in the Centro, it's just that some people have to drive to actually get here, and now those people won't come because they'll have fewer places to park - but we very much like the other part of the plan, which is: in order to accommodate the fact that several of the closed streets are in fact kind of important, the city is making up for it by reversing the way traffic flows on certain one-way streets that remain open. Oh, we can just imagine the look of surprise on the drivers' faces! Comedy gold.

We took advantage of the new pedestrianism to walk down to Plaza Constitution for the annual Women's Fair, which is basically just a bunch of stalls selling stuff that may or may not be related in some way to women. Our favorite? This one, selling various rabbit-fur products, which we love purely for the sign behind the guy showing adorable little bunny-wabbits in steel cages waiting to be bludgeoned to death and skinned into earmuffs. Who says there's no truth in advertising anymore?


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