Tuesday, March 09, 2010

For the Record

Mexico continues its quest to hold the world record for Most World Records in Categories You Didn't Know Even Existed. This weekend, the Yucatán took home the certificate for the World's Largest Cochinita Pibil (3.9 metric tons, in case you're hoping to break it on your own someday). Cochinita Pibil happens to be a Yucatán regional dish, so it would be pretty surprising if they didn't hold the world record - though the fact that none of the articles mentions the previous world record leads us to believe there wasn't one. Later this afternoon, we're heading into the kitchen to create our own regional dish - Frog Legs a la Burro Hall, we'll call it - and will inform the Guinness officials that we've produced nearly half a kilo. We'll post photos of the record ceremony when it happens.

Last week, Yucatán also snagged the mark for World's Largest Meteoric Event Causing the Extinction of All Dinosaurs, which was bestowed retroactively.


Midwesterner in Mexico said...

Ahhh you are going to *love* this one then. Stay tuned for April, when Mexico City goes for the "World Record for the Photo of the Most Chefs & Sommeliers"

I think they are also going for a world record of "Most Menus in One Place", but I hope I am translating that wrong because that is even more asinine than the first record.

Joy said...

Have you ever tried to save leftover cochinita pibil?

When you take it out of the fridge, it's one solid mass, held together by strong lipid bonds. Maybe that's what took the Mayan civilization down?

Joy said...

And I left that comment before I saw how tubby everyone is in the photo!

Burro Hall said...

If it's cooked properly, I'm pretty sure I could down 3.9 metric tons of the stuff in one sitting.

Thanks for the heads-up on the April event. I'll cancel my travel plans.

I have a theory that the Zocalo may hold the world record for Site of the Most World Records. Will try to confirm this.