Friday, March 12, 2010

Hope You Like Our New Direction

We're having some workmen in over the weekend. Please pardon our appearance.

    -- Burro Hall Board of Directors

Saturday Update: Well, at least we managed not to delete the entire site from the interwebs. We decided to switch to Blogger's upgraded layout primarily because it allows you to post bigger pictures, which means we can get away with less writing. Please let us know about any glitches which may not be visible to us from behind the velvet rope of Administrator's privileges.

Our IT department is away for the long weekend (Benito Juaréz's birthday? Seriously?), so we've been mucking around in the HTML ourselves, which is going about as well as if we'd decided to crack open our iPod and make a few changes. If anyone knows how to: change the date stamp, post-footer and sidebar-headers to lowercase; change the color of the sidebar links to black (without changing the color of the links in the blog posts); and anchor the left side of the blog so that it doesn't float when you adjust the size of your window...we're happy to replace the entire IT dept before they get back from Acapulco.


Anonymous said...

You playing with the new Template Designer? Looks a much better way to get a blog looking good...the old Blogger templates were so patchy.

If you want my opinion, just from looking at your page as is at this moment in time...a little narrower. Maybe 900 pixels. White background - text always reads easier. Look forwards to seeing the results!

ckg said...

I could sit down with you sometime soon and help you make those changes. Give me a call or email.