Friday, March 26, 2010

How to Succeed At Failure Without Really Trying

The Failed State of Arizona: a failure of such epic proportions that even the failures that make the state such a failure wind up failing.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is no longer.

The Arizona-based border watch group that burst onto the national scene in 2005 sent an e-mail to its members this week announcing the corporation has dissolved.

Aww. Pobre Arizona - so far from achievement, so close to Mexico. It seems the Failed Minuteman Civil Defense Corps failed when its failed leader, Carmen Mercer, sent out an APB for like-minded failures to join her in hunting Messicans.

On March 16, Mercer sent an e-mail urging members to come to the border "locked, loaded and ready" and urged people to bring "long arms." She proposed changing the group's rules to allow members to track illegal immigrants and drug smugglers instead of just reporting the activity to the Border Patrol.

A leader schooled in the ways of non-failure would probably expect such a plea to appeal to a certain failed segment of the populace - sociopathic failures, for instance. But because Mercer was born and raised in the Grand Canyon of Fail, she wasn't expecting such a feverish response.

Mercer said she received a more feverish response than she expected and decided the group couldn't shoulder the responsibility and liability of what could occur, she said.

"People are ready to come locked and loaded, and that's not what we are all about," Mercer said. "It only takes one bad apple to destroy everything we've done for the last eight years."

"Coming locked and loaded is not what we're about," said the failure who called for people to come locked and loaded! And that, dear readers, is how one succeeds at failure.


Conan The Librarian said...

Don't know if you've seen the website or not, but it contains some interesting articles:

It gets a little contentious, but it offers some perspectives you don't see in the "normal" blogs/websites on border issues


Anonymous said...

Interesting comments coming from you, now that you have Alipac on your FB fan page! HA!

Burro Hall said...

We're fans in an ironic way.