Thursday, March 04, 2010

In Which Irony Dies a Painful Death and We Notify Its Next of Kin

Apropos of our earlier post about the Catholic Church being the Centro's rudest, least-considerate and most-disruptive neighbor, we would have to say that, if we were forced to pick just one house of worship to have its license revoked, we'd pick Templo de Merced - though that's largely due to it being just half a block away from our offices; they certainly don't have a monopoly on predawn fireworks and clanging bells at all hours. (They do rely a more heavily on the loudspeaker than most.)

Which is not to say that Merced is not civic-minded, of course. Why, right here on its outside bulletin board is a sign demanding that the city take action against bars!

It makes sense, really. The poor guy who lights off the fireworks has to get up at like 4:00AM. How's he gonna sleep with all those drunken rowdies shitting on the sidewalk?

    Update: The pressure from the Burro Hall community must have made the baby Jesus cry - as of Friday afternoon the sign has been taken down. This is a good first step, but the Templo remains on probation until it proves it can be a good neighbor

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Anonymous said...

This town is a loony bin and the inhabitants certifiable. Watch out. Insanity's contagious. And the Church is just Cirque de Soleil costumes without the slightest physical prowess in evidence, unless you consider kissing the bishop's middle finger an act of derrng-do.. Viva Queretaro, mi culo!.