Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Earlier Than You Think

Mexico doesn't follow the US in its new "let's move Daylight Savings Time up a couple of weeks" policy, so the three-man band - one playing the trumpet, one banging a drum, the third knocking on doors soliciting payment for this "service" - was coming up the street at 8:45 this morning, not 9:45. The truck with the four-way PA system blaring an advertisement for the X-Warriors Motocross Championship!!!! was parked in front of the house at 9:00AM, not 10:00AM. Please synchronize your watches.

Today is the second "Get Off Your Fat Asses And Walk" Sunday, in which some random assortment of streets in the Centro will be closed. Local merchants reported a 50% drop in sales last Sunday, so we'll probably be back to the usual traffic chaos by the time we turn the clocks ahead again.

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