Monday, March 01, 2010

Like a Bull In a Glass Ceiling Shop

In bullfighting, "taking the alternativa" is sort of the equivalent of going pro - or at least graduating from junior varsity to varsity. Dozens of men do it every year, but so far in the corrida's history only eight women have. Yesterday, Michoacan's own Hilda Tenorio became #9, and the first to do it in the largest bullring in the world, Plaza México. She even picked up an ear for her trophy cabinet. And the ladies don't face off against little girl-size bulls, so don't get snarky.

Here's the highlight reel:


Anonymous said...

Look Burro:!/pages/ayudame-a-encontrar-a-Paulina/184705107715

Anonymous said...

Specially after this:

Burro Hall said...

You think the bull had something to do with Paulina's disappearance?