Monday, March 08, 2010

So Far From God, So Close To Non-Sucky Places

Querétaro's going all out for this Bicentennial thing - it is, after all one of the cradles of the Mexican Independence movement. Just yesterday, the city began plastering the Centro with red vinyl banners proudly festooned with our brand new motto: Querétaro - It's Close to Everything.

Try to contain your enthusiasm.

We can't recall ever hearing a more half-assed slogan, with the possible exception of the state of Oklahoma's "Oklahoma is OK." Why not "Querétaro: Pass Through Us On Your Way to Guanajuato;" "Querétaro: Dozens of Connecting Flights Each Week;" "Querétaro: You Don't Have to Stay Long"? Seriously, does anyone actually work for the Tourism Department here?

Face it, this is what happens when you have very few good bars and just a handful of restaurants that don't suck.

    Update: A commenter points out that the motto is actually "Querétaro - It's Close to Everyone. We don't see how that's any better at all.


Anonymous said...

Close to everyone, not everything ;-)

jennifer rose said...

Here in the Soul of Mexico, we consider Queretaro an upscale destination, filled with fine restaurants, culture and respectable shopping.

Burro Hall said...

And its close by, as you may have heard.

Anonymous said...

I think ---gag--- the implication - cough, cough- is that Queretaro is --achoo!---close to our hearts. Excuse me. I think I am going to be sick now.

Anonymous said...

I like Queretaro, the bars and restaurants, it is a great destination, and the most visited touristic spot without a beach in Mexico.

Kyna said...

hmmm... about "Important for All" instead of close to everyone ? I mean, they do have some big ass statues of Conin and Benito Juarez, after all, and they're important, dammit!