Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is Your War, On Drugs

Nice piece in the hometown paper today showing how well a lot of the Drug War money has been spent here:

Mexico’s National Defense Secretariat has spent more than $10 million to purchase hundreds of the detectors, similar to the “magic wands” in use in Iraq and Afghanistan, for its antidrug fight. Although critics have called them nothing more than divining rods, Mexican defense officials praise the devices as a critical part of their efforts to combat drug traffickers...

...the black plastic wands, known as the GT 200 and manufactured by the British company Global Technical Ltd., are widely used nationwide at checkpoints to search for contraband inside vehicles as well as to canvass neighborhoods in drug hotspots for drug and weapons stash houses.

This leads to the single greatest quote about technology we've ever read:

“We’ve had success with it,” Capt. Jesús Héctor Larios Salazar, an officer with the Mexican Army’s antidrug unit in Culiacán, said recently. “It works with molecules. It functions with the energy of the body.”

Well, shit, if it works with molecules...drugs - even drug traffickers! - are made of molecules! This thing must be unstoppable.

In Culiacán, a city in Sinaloa State where Mexican drug traffickers have a strong presence, the military showed off the GT 200 in December. Canvassing a residential neighborhood, soldiers walked up and down the street with a GT 200 waiting for the antenna to point toward a suspicious residence. There were no discoveries.

But the soldier trained to operate the detector walked by one of the army’s armored vehicles and the antenna swung quickly toward the high-caliber machine gun sticking out the top. He took several steps back and walked by again. The antenna pointed again toward the gun.

“See?” he said.


Of course, while our gringo readers are sitting there laughing at the silly Mexicans getting ripped off like this, you need to keep in mind one thing:  you're paying for it.


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Anonymous said...

Now Americans working at the consulate are being killed with their own American guns. Are they going to sue the gun fair where these guns were sold?