Monday, March 22, 2010

Walk This Way

Yesterday continued the new "Get Off Your Fat Asses and Walk" program, in which an (apparently dwindling) number of streets in the city Centro are closed on Sunday, forcing people to move about without the aid of an internal combustion engine. As you can see, it was a crazy success (though the guy on the right isn't exactly getting with the program):

It's clear to us what's going on here. Mexicans understand what American health care reform will mean: previously-uninsured morbidly obese gringos will now have access to better care and live longer. Sensing that their goal of becoming the Fattest Nation on Earth just became a lot more difficult, the patriotic men and women (and children!) of Querétaro have plopped themselves down in front of the tv with a bottomless platter of enchiladas queretanas, and are refusing to move a muscle until President Palin repeals the bill.


chip said...

So apparently you've discovered the "tilt-shift" button... and you LAHV it!!

Burro Hall said...

What's not to love?