Tuesday, March 16, 2010

World's Best Press Inquiry

We've long had a theory that the Zocalo in Mexico City would hold the world record for Most World Records Set In a Single Location - everything from the World's Largest Group Kiss to the World's Largest Fleur de Lis Made of Recycled Cans.  So this morning we fired up our electronical mail-sending system and went straight to...well, not the top, exactly, but to the Assistant for Public Relations and Marketing for the Guinness Book of World Records (yeah, you read that right: the Guinness Book of World Records!)  And the answer is...

Thank you for your inquiry to the Guinness World Records press office.

While Mexico is one of our leading countries for record breaking, we do not currently recognize this category and don’t have any further information on this.  

Sara Wilcox
PR and Marketing Assistant
Guinness World Records

Let's just take the glass-half full view here: even though this is not a category they recognize (and to put that in perspective for a minute, "Largest Fleur de Lis Made of Recycled Cans" is a recognized category), The Assistant for Public Relations and Marketing for the whole Guinness Book of World Records Organization knew exactly what we were talking about when we inquired if Mexico might be #1.

We don't know about you, but for us, that's confirmation enough.  Congratulations, Zocalo!


Gary Denness said...

Yeah, they can be pretty sniffy about what they will and won't recognize as a world record. They recognize the fastest times to cover the entire New York and London metro systems, but the Mexico City metro? Nope....so I hold that world record unofficially. That's another one to add to your list!


Burro Hall said...

See, now that's what I'm talking about - even among the readers of this blog, you'll find people who have set a world record in Mexico City!

I'm curious how one might go about breaking your record, though, since as a passenger I can't control the trains, and they run the same routes at the same speed all the time. It seems that if I went and did it tomorrow, my time would be...10:11:00.

Gary Denness said...

I did it using the official sets of rules, mas o menos, used for the NYC and London records. The object is to go through every station on the system. El Tren Ligero is not technically part of the metro system, so I didn't do that. You don't have to get off at every station....just go through them. Obviously you have to get off at times to change lines etc.

My record is very beatable. First of all I chose the most convenient route, not the quickest. Secondly, I exited plenty of times for smoke breaks! I reckon a sub 8 hour time is easily achievable. But seeing as I was the first to do it, and any time I set would be the record, I didn't really need to push myself!

There is a place to go to post world records that aren't Guinness recognized by the by....