Wednesday, April 07, 2010

And the 2010 Award for Best Visual Metaphor for the Diocese of Querétaro Created, Ironically, By the Diocese of Querétaro Goes To:

And it case you're wondering why the church keeps a wheel-mounted, welded steel cross with a triple-megaphone attachment, it's brought out every year for (...wait for it...) the Procession of Silence.

The rotating orange light, we can't explain. Most likely, the Archbishop declared the early prototype "not obnoxious enough."


Anonymous said...

Dude..the photo on the street is too much..these guys are left over from the Halloween parade in the village.
I always wondered where old drag queens went to retire. Who knew!! I had heard RuPaul just bought in San Miguel.

Anonymous said...

It's art, understand the message, the contradictions, silence vs shouting, is like you need silence to hear the call of Jesus, Jesus is trying hard to make you hear, even lights