Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby We Were Born to Run!

On mornings when we're feeling virtuous, we've been known to stumble out the front door and log a leisurely four miles around the cobblestoned streets of Querétaro, sometimes running the whole way without seeing another person doing the same. So we're pretty stunned to see the results of today's Boston Marathon and see, in tenth place, with a time of 2:12:33, a queretano named Alejandro Suarez.

Just to review, the top ten finishers at Boston were six Africans, three Americans, and a guy from Querétaro (who we now consider a rival.)

This is so gonna help our sister cities bid.

    Tuesday Update: We're not in Querétaro, so we don't have direct access to the newspapers, but based on our online searching, is it really possible that "Local Man Finishes 10th in Boston" is a Burro Hall exclusive?


Anonymous said...

Your photo del día was so funny...thanks...but who is the unlucky man?

Burro Hall said...

Thanks. I believe this is Ezekiel Montes some eminent person from the past, who's exact clam to fame I can't recall. (Help, anyone?)

The photo is a couple of years old. His statue has since been moved to make way for one of the town's new million-dollar Dancing Fountains. I don't know where they put it.


Conan The Librarian said...

Ezequiel Montes Ledesma was a lawyer, legislator, judge and diplomat around the time of La Reforma.

For more than you'd ever want to know about him, see:

(Hope the url works)


Burro Hall said...

The Burro Hall Community at work, folks...

Anonymous said...

Alejandro went to the olympic games in 2000 and 2004.

I have many friends that run 10k daily, in Queretaro, but in other part of the city, not downtown, mostly in parks and near the stadium.

And I have two friends that are IronMan competitors, also in Queretaro, so there is plenty of competition.

Todd said...

Hey, is there a list of running events for Queretaro?

I think it is time to do some running, but I like to have an event as a goal, but typically I hear about running events about a month before they happen