Saturday, April 10, 2010

Behold, Your Unaborted Messiah!

A few weeks ago we were making the point that in all the iconography of the Virgin of Guadalupe, you never see her actually doing anything - or, more precisely, she's always striking the exact same doing-nothing pose. But that was before we wandered in to the Sanctuary of Life - a brand new anti-abortion-themed chapel carved into the side of Querétaro's magnificent, 400-year old Santa Clara church. And presiding over the altar, La Virgin herself, with her usually-empty hands cradling aloft the enormous, bouncing, unaborted baby Jesus (who eventually dies anyway, about halfway through the 101st trimester).

Abortion is of course 1000 percent illegal here, but because you never know when some 14-year-old girl might have a spontaneous miscarriage, it makes sense to maintain an around-the-clock prayer vigil, just in case.

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