Friday, April 09, 2010

Drugs Win Drug War!

Sadly, there probably won't be a signing ceremony on the deck of a battleship. Still, it's good to know the war is over.

AP Exclusive: Sinaloa cartel takes Ciudad Juarez

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- After a two-year battle that has killed more than 5,000 people, Mexico's most powerful kingpin now controls the coveted trafficking routes through Ciudad Juarez. That conclusion by U.S. intelligence adds to evidence that Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's Sinaloa cartel is winning Mexico's drug war.

The assessment was made based on information from confidential informants with direct ties to Mexican drug gangs and other intelligence, said a U.S. federal agent who sometimes works undercover, insisting on anonymity because of his role in ongoing drug investigations.

The agent told The Associated Press those sources have led U.S. authorities to believe that the Sinaloa cartel has edged out the rival Juarez gang for control over trafficking routes through Ciudad Juarez, ground zero in the drug war.


Anonymous said...

In holy week I went to Chihuahua and some people told me that Sinaloa Cartel has taken control of their cities, but they were happy about it, they claim that Juarez Cartel is very violent and they behave rudely and promotes robbery and kidnaping, but Sinaloa Cartel are peaceful and improve the cities in many ways, they were happy for that.

If that is true, it is probably the best for now, and that also explains the fact that the government focused on Juarez, Tijuana, Golfo and La Familia Cartels.

Burro Hall said...

We're very excited to have you as a commenter here, Señor Guzman!

Anonymous said...

Why did the Sinaloa Cartel win? Thank the damn PANistas. It was under Fox that El Chapo escaped. Fox helped take out Osiel Cardenas Guillen, a big rival in 2003. Enter Calderon, and he sends troops to all the strategic places that El Chapo wanted to control. Yeah, the military helped Sinaloa win! And when was the last time the President bragged about an operation against El Cartel de Sinaloa? It's always against the other guys.

Please, if you read Proceso, you know that Sagarpa is full of pro-Chapo people. Add on top of that statements from ex-DEA agents (Cele Celerino, for instance), who argue that they had internal knowledge of such, and it's obvious why they are "winning."

That's what happens when you have a FECAL (Felipe Calderon) government.

Burro Hall said...

We're also very excited to have commenters from the Gulf Cartel as well! With luck, we can turn this blog into the cartels' official message board. This is so much easier than scrawling a message on the front of a decapitated corpse, isn't it?

Mexfiles said...

I can understand why the "Anonymous" commentators didn't want to use their names. Your reaction is the spirit of George "You're with us or with the terrorists" Bush.

The belief that PAN is rooting for such an outcome -- is not an assumption limited to "pro-cartel" people, but fairly common, especially among those who live in states (like Sinaloa where I live) where the economy depends on U.S. narcotics consumption, whether we like it or not.

By the way, Judith Torrea ( -- who has been reporting on the "drug war" from Juarez (where she lives) longer than any of us, reports that juarenses seem to also be of the opinion that the claims of "Sinaloa Cartel victory" are premature (i.e., bullshit) and generally hold the same opinions expressed by the two Anonymous correspondents.

Secondly, no one is sure anymore that all those "send a message" murders are the work of narcotics gangsters, but at least some appear to be the work of death squads, about what you'd expect when a government turns to extra-judicial militaristic solutions to social problems.

Jorge Arturo said...

I think the plan of the goverment is to create a balance in the cartels, if you only fight one front is easier than in several.

Burro Hall said...

Someone's irony detector is due for a tune-up.

Anonymous said...

Mexfiles: Yep. You write: " one is sure anymore that all those "send a message" murders are the work of narcotics gangsters, but at least some appear to be the work of deathsquads..." Tlateloco Part II! Mexico's dirty war. Kill and blame it on the narcos, but use it as an excuse for military intervention. That's the way I see it.