Friday, April 30, 2010

El Otro Rostro de Jesús

Now that we've brought about the single greatest revolution in Mexican perceptions of the Divine since Juan Diego brought his cloak to the cleaners, we'll be laying low in the US for a while - the better to avoid the inevitable pilgrims and other Jesus freaks. (Indeed, from our current offices on 72nd St. and Central Park West, we are constantly reminded of the damage that can be caused by an overzealous fan who's a little too devoted to certain literary characters.)

But this notice in the paper that there are 4.9 million child laborers in Mexico between the ages of 6 and 14 reminded us of an unintended consequence of this: that, at a rate of 10 pesos a day, an absence of three or four months takes about a hundred dollars out of the pocket of the perro's namesake street urchin (seen here charming the pants off a gaggle of female admirers; money isn't everything, you know).

So do us a favor, local readers, and pick up the slack for us? He doesn't give receipts because he can't (at age 7!) read or write, but if you save your gum wrappers we'll reimburse you.


Anonymous said...

Do you live there? Dakota or across the street? Or under the bridge in the park? I was there once at ONO STUDIO, she has a recording studio in part of her apartment. She has a radio show on Sirius, I think, and she was talking about the atomic bomb and how she wasn't too far away that day. She still has some problems with her English, as I do sometimes. The recording engineer corrected her once, and she took it nicely and said, if I make more mistakes please stop me.

Anonymous said...

I also saw her at Merlin Studios (in Times Square) where some of John's later compilations were remastered. I came late once and there was a lecture in progress (she was lecturing everyone : yelling at them) When I came into the room, one of the guys told me, go to the next room and wait there. She was just looking at me really mad! Like she was going to kill me. I went to the next room, and then the screams continued. (she was yelling for something I had nothing to do with.)

Burro Hall said...

Presumably, you were merely mistaking her singing for yelling.