Wednesday, April 14, 2010

La Lucha Sigue

We're a few days late noting the 91st anniversary of the murder of Emiliano Zapata, but since you probably didn't know about it either, we'll hold off on apologizing. It seemed to get more attention this year than last year's round-numbered anniversary, probably because it's the centennial of the Mexican revolution. Even President Calderón was moved to mark the occasion by calling on Mexicans to continue Zapata's fight - which is about as incongruous as, say, Mitt Romney asking Americans to "finish what Geronimo started." Anyway, we were prepared to just ignore the whole thing until The Mexfiles managed to dig up some silent film of Zapata's amazingly humble funeral:

Hats were worn, smoking was permitted.  Emiliano Zapata was 39 years old.

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