Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Miss Understood

One of our favorite porn stars, Pamela Anderson, is something of an outspoken critic of the corrida de toros (as well as cockfighting, meat-eating and, presumably, animal testing by pharmaceutical companies - Pam's following in the footsteps of her role model, Brigitte Bardot). But these days, protesting against bullfighting seems to always involve nudity - which creates a bit of a quandary: if, like Pam Anderson, you're pretty much naked in public all the time, how do you make your feelings about the corrida known?

Why, by squeezing yourself into a skintight outfit and dancing a paso doble (a dance traditionally associated with bullfighting, though generally not when danced to the tune of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood") on Dancing With the Stars!

The judges awarded the fully-clothed Anderson seven points out of ten - or, as it used to be called when we were in school, a C-minus. For us, though, the best moment of the whole thing comes about :50 seconds in. At first, we thought Pamela Anderson from the year 2050 had come back in time to kill her younger self before she could make a fool of herself on Dancing With the Stars. That made no sense, of course. Then we realized, OMFG, it's Charo!

"Charo's a big anti-bullfighter, too," Pam explains, as if that's the only thing they have in common. Maybe Brigitte isn't who she's been emulating, after all.


Anonymous said...

Cuchi! Cuchi! The difference is Charo has something upstairs, Anderson does not. Charo is a polyglot who speaks numerous classical languages, and is an accomplished guitarist. Anderson is good a one thing: cockfighting (yeah, that kind)! Just ask Tommy Lee, who was always abreast of what his ex did!

Burro Hall said...

Well, let's not go overboard here...her English still needs to be subtitled, even though she's been speaking it longer than I have. And marrying Xavier Cugat at age 15 is sort of the 1960's Spanish version of making a sex tape, don't you think?

She is, however, a terrific guitarist.

Anonymous said...

If I ever had "cougar" fantasy, it would be for Charo! I don't care how old that woman is, she is hot!

Burro Hall said...

Be careful...there are parts of her that are definitely underage, even in Mexico.