Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Open Letter to the Customer Service Department of the Primera Plus Bus Company

Estimados Damas y Caballeros,

A few days ago we had the privilege of riding in your company's first class bus from Querétaro to Benito Juarez Airport. We appreciate the way your company has been transitioning its in-coach entertainment from a loudspeaker-based system to a series of individual headphones, but we still wonder how carefully, if at all, Primera Plus screens the movies that are to be presented on its buses. Like most of your clientele, we are by no means prudish when it comes to graphic violence and sexually explicit content, but we seriously question the company's choice of Superman Returns as this month's featured presentation:

At the risk of offering unsolicited advice, we believe that one way to improve considerably your airport shuttle service would be to avoid screening movies that feature horrifyingly graphic depictions of burning airplanes plunging towards the fucking earth, particularly in light of your company's rigorously-enforced "no drugs or alcohol" policy. (And, in anticipation of your response, no, it does not fucking matter that Superman saves the plane from crashing into the baseball stadium at the last second. Fuck you.)

Burro Hall Editorial Board

(PS: Seriously, fuck you.)


Anonymous said...

Big fucking baby! [Yea,the map has returned]

Anonymous said...


Burro Hall said...

Pinche pendejo?

ckg said...

The problem with showing that film is not the airplane nearly crashing scene, but rather that the film is such utter unwatchable crap. I would re-complain on humanitarian grounds.

Anonymous said...

What is your problem? You were on a BUS! I was on a plane when they showed Airplane. The crash scene was quite spectacular and OK if you were in a theater - but to show it on a PLANE?????