Thursday, April 15, 2010

Querétaro Va En Grande!

In case wee haven't mentioned it like 200 times already, the bicentennial is coming, and Querétaro is going all out...for better or worse. In the Worse Dept., some bright bulb decided that what Plaza de Armas really needed was a very large, low-quality television screen to play historical documentaries all day long at top volume through equally large low-quality speakers. Apparently, the volume has to be loud so it can be heard over the gasoline-powered generators powering the rig. This has pretty much managed to drive just about everyone out of what was, until a few days ago, one of the nicest gathering spots in the city. The only pedestrians left are the documentaries themselves. (Thank you, thank you very much.)

Just look at those crowds, soaking up all that historical knowledge.


susan said...

An example of Cultural Tourism gone ---- well you decide.

Another MEX200 celebration project in our fair city - no wonder Tourism Guanajuato is advertising here!

(FYI - see my previous FB post on Tourism Guanajuato advertising on Queretaro bus shelters) to go there instead of Queretaro.

Now we have proof WHY????!!!!

susan said...

As of 1.30 pm Friday April 16 it is all gone - I watch the guys take it down!!!
Oh sad day, (maybe not).

Burro Hall said...

They're probably carting it off to GTO.

susan said...

Yah, maybe, but minus the low quality speakers that were still standing in the Plaza, good luck GTO....