Saturday, April 10, 2010

Strange Fruit

We know the cartels only do this sort of stuff so that people will publish the photos and essentially act as the conduit for their sleazy attempts to terrorize the Mexican public.  But since the cartels also seem to be winning, we figure it's wise to get with the program. After the treaty of surrender is signed, the new regime is going to want to know who was on their side. (We love drugs! Really!) So here's the scene from yesterday in Cuernavaca, a truly lovely town about an hour outside of Mexico City:

Apparently, whoever hanged these dudes from the overpass of a major highway also riddled them with bullets before fleeing, which we would suggest (respectfully - very respectfully) is just really unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

This picture is so ugly. It looks like some kind of abstract art; the background looks like a museum or gallery, but after reading what it is, it's really a spoiler to your site, which is mostly fun. I just hope these were really mean guys.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha I don't like that tree

That photo is so disgusting, shocking, dark, funny and beauty all at the same time.