Sunday, April 04, 2010

We Is Risen

Well, it's Easter, and once again we find ourselves trying to explain to the local churches that the nonstop clanging of the bells is really unnecessary - Jesus rises all by himself! He doesn't need any help.

Anyway, we rose a little bit, too, this morning when we cracked open Noticias and found ourselves staring our 3D Messiah in the face:

We'd love to cherish this feeling all day long but, unfortunately, because Mexicans don't really care about Jesus, they've chosen today as the day we turn the clocks ahead. So the holiest day in the Christian calendar is only 23 hours long - literally the shortest day of the year.

(Hey, speaking of 3D Jesuses - is it us, or is this figure from the altar up the street sporting a seriously impressive set of man-boobs?)

1 comment:

krellinator said...

I'd say semi-impressive, though I'm a tough crowd.