Sunday, May 02, 2010

Blood Brother

José Tomás has discovered an interesting way to become Mexican:
After seven days, the Spanish bullfighter, gored very badly a week ago, has been released from the hospital.

Jose Tomas thanked everyone for the care given to him, especially the medical team of Alfredo Ruiz Romero, Enrique Gonzalez Careaga, Juan Carlos Chavez, and also his family, and his manager Salvador Boix.

"I am aware that I am here due to the hand that applied pressure to the wound. Yesterday, Mexico, mixed my blood. There is Mexican blood running through my veins, I feel Mexican by adoption. One cannot feel more Mexican and more thankful. Thanks to the hundreds of townspeople who donated blood. From my experience and gratitude I am going to call out to everyone to donate blood. It is real important to save the life of a person.

"Thank you Mexico, Thank You Aguascalientes!"

Personally, we think we'll just continue to navigate the bureaucratic hell of our FM3 Non-Immigrant Resident Visa renewal, and to do so uncomplainingly.


Mexfiles said...

... the bureaucratic hell of our FM3 Non-Immigrant Resident Visa renewal...


Burro Hall said...

Certainly. But my idea of a bureaucratic hell is precisely this process: arduous and confusing, but with the outcome never in doubt. There is NO CHANCE la migra isn't going to renew that visa this year, next year, or the next 50 years if I want them to. I know it. They know it. But still, we go through the dance, and the music never stays the same from year to year. I'd gladly pay four times what I currently pay just to avoid the pointlessness of the thing.

jennifer rose said...

Avoiding bureaucratic hell is easy, dude. Just get yourself up and qualified to become a Mexican like I did. Start out by graduating to an FM-2, put in your time, and then hie yourself over to SRE.

BTW, part of the unwritten code over at INM makes the process easier as the years roll on.