Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boycott Lindsay Lohan, That Piece of Dirt!

Some readers have questioned our rather tepid embrace of the film "Machete," a position that we feel can be justified by the phrase "directed by Robert Rodríguez," and the fact that we've been burned by fantastic trailers before. (That Machete began its life as a trailer only increases our skepticism.)

But so we're now going to do an about-face and offer a full-throated endorsement purely on the basis of the freakout it's causing among the "America for White Americans" crowd. The backlash has led 20th Century Fox to pull the Machete trailer from YouTube (though our interns have cached a copy here). But that only made the crazies act crazier, insisting that Fox does "NOT WANT AMERICANS to see this video!!!"

Our favorite comment so far:

Please get the word out to not only boycott this film, but everyone in it: Robt DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, that piece of dirt, Don Johnson and everyone else associated with it.

I support a TOTAL BOYCOTT OF HOLLYWOOD. They tend to be leftist, liberal scum who support illegals and I bet they have them caring for their childern, doing their landscaping, and cleaning their house(s). IT'S THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO MADE THEM WHO/WHAT THEY ARE TODAY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN UNMAKE THEM. HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS - THEIR WALLETS. Let them know that WE are not going to take it anymore. Gov. Brewer for President in 2012

Q: But if we boycott movie stars, how will movies ever get made?
A: Like this...


Conan The Librarian said...

Best. Trailer. Ever.


Boycott Lindsay Lohan said...

When the public gets angry,or upset on certain issues.They have a right to boycott something.Especially a movie,or movies.

Very interesting topic!!