Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Those About to Rock, Les Saludamos

One of the things we like about our occasional sojourns out of Mexico is that it allows us a break from All Things Mexican. Felipe Calderon apparently does not feel the same way, so last night's White House state dinner in his honor featured Mexican food, Mexican music, and another chance to rub shoulders with his Mexican patron, Carlos Slim, and his Mexican-American mistress, Eva Longoria Parker (awk-ward!). But we were kinda thrilled to see that entertainment for the evening was none other than Mexico's Rodrigo y Gabriela (along with someone called Beyoncé, who turns out not to be Mexican). RyG, you may recall, had to cancel a US tour just three years ago after the Justice Department discovered they shared a common heritage with a number of incarcerated individuals. And last night, they played for two presidents at the White House.

Let the Reconquista begin!


Frank said...

I can teach Rodrigo a thing or two about playing the guitar. Unfortunately I can no longer play my Arzona made Fender guitar for fear of being a racist who isn't boycotting all things Arizona.

Anonymous said...

I'm Mexican and I've no idea who these two singers are. -RC