Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FSoAZ Sheriff to Media: "Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!! Boooo hoo hoo hoo..."

An anonymous commenter (and we should here note that, as of July 30, all anonymous commenters suspected of being illegal immigrants will have their IP addresses turned over to the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety) linked us to this comedic goldmine from the Failed State of Arizona:

A new advertising campaign for the Mexican state of Sonora, home to popular vacation spot Rocky Point, has become the latest flashpoint in the debate over Arizona's new immigration law.

The half-page ads by the Sonora Tourism Commission, which debuted on Friday in The Arizona Republic, feature a close-up of a military-looking man peering through binoculars. The headline: "In Sonora we are looking for people from Arizona."

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio raised concerns about the ad immediately, urging his followers on Twitter to call the tourism commission's toll-free number to "demand to know" the meaning of the ad. The request was picked up by blogs and other media outlets.

Read the rest of the article for the fuller explanation, but basically, part II of this menacing and threatening ad reads, "...who want to have a great time!" Seems harmless enough to us, but Sheriff Joe, who longs to be played by Strother Martin on the big screen, is calling for a boycott anyway.

"Any ad threatening or frightening Arizonans who are considering vacationing in Sonora is in very poor taste," Arpaio says. "Until that country's government apologizes, I sincerely hope Arizonans look elsewhere for a quick vacation spot."

Yes, imagine how horrible it must be to feel under threat by an official government agency. Incidentally, this is the same Sheriff Arpaio who showed up on Univision wearing a firearm-shaped tie clip.

(That's also him on the left. Most FSoAZ voters are unaware that Sheriff Joe is a pre-op transsexual.)

One thing to keep in mind about the boycott of the Failed State of Arizona is that these things tend to have economic benefits for the neighbors of the state being boycotted - which, in FSoAZ's case would be New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California and...Sonora, Mexico. It's probably a total coincidence, but since the Show Us Your Papers law was passed, retails sales in the Sonoran city of Hermosillo are up 30 percent. Of course there are still some bargains that can only be had in AZ, but maybe that's part of the reason Sheriff Joe is so afraid to go to Sonora.


Anonymous said...

The Gringos who would not get the irony and find this ad offensive don`t have passports. So no loss in tourism there!


Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous because I have no google account. I have hotmail.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see a Tejano music band playing, singing in Spanish, but not in Texas or Mexico but in Holland, and the members are all Dutch, and the public is also Dutch... something is weird here: